Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 1 went well

February 18, 2012


Yesterday we began (halfway through the day) DAY 1.  The whole story is way too long and will sound like (sob) we are asking for sympathy (which we are not).  The EXTREMELY short version is that we are both diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis.  Anna - extremely unstable (not going there as to WHY), and me - - well I've got two but only grade 1.   Arthritis in the spine, slightly degenerated vertebrate that are zig-zagging all the way down - well you get the picture.  We have recently joined an on-line support group for those of us with this wonderful disease! :)

Back to yesterday:  Dr. gave Anna instructions to go, basically, Atkins, for two weeks.  She had done so, got sick, was provided comfort food by her loving mother and, well, you know . . . off the wagon.  So we began last evening with my first creation that we actually used when we began BEFORE:  Cucumber slices, with a thin layer of whipped cream cheese, a fragment of turkey bacon (crispy), and topped with a black olive slice.  We both had about 10 of each. It was very filling and very, very good.  We ended the evening with fresh strawberries and used Mousse Chocolate Temptations (S-F) for our dip.  Also good - but I bet I could find/make a better one.  Not bad for a first day.

Day 2:  Sunday- began the day with my coffee and my (refuse to give up) creamer, a cheese stick, some turkey bacon (Anna had her banana).  After church, ran by and picked up a staple for this household (coffee) more bananas and more fresh strawberries.  I had already pre-prepped Taco Soup with ground turkey and all the veggies, it had slow-cooked and was ready to go when we returned.  Added Oikos Greek Yogurt (plain) instead of sour cream, a little extra sharp cheese for flavor and protein and then napped.  Snack time consisted of fresh fruit salad of Straw/bananas with no extras.  Satisfying. 

Pain-wise - I got out of bed at a ZERO!!!!!  The first step into the church building led to immediate hurting in my sciatica (SP?).  I had a muscle relaxer since my quad was like a rock but didn't catch it in time.  By the time I reached worship - I was in full-blown status.  I kept going in and out of the nerve radiation that comes with collapsed discs.  Anna was truly concerned although she was hurting 3xs worse than me. 

After lunch we did our therapy, took our pain meds and napped a couple of hours.  Did our therapy again and voila - here we are.

1.  Take off about 15 in 2-3 weeks.  (Not out of vanity, but out of necessity).  2.  Reduce the pain levels significantly, if not altogether
3.  Stay out of the operating room
4.  Have a normal life (whatever that is)

When I got the double Spondo diagnosis, I teared.  Not for me.  But because Anna needs my help and I can't be down - so I have all the reasons in the world to stay up.  She has reasons too - primarily to have all the chances life has to offer. 

Lastly,  I think socially, a chronically ill person needs understanding. It's not gonna happen if people don't know (or don't care).  So I called our pastor on Thursday and just wanted him to understand WHY she and I had missed so much church for so long and that we will be beginning year three of her medical issues in July (that started, by the way, with her collapsed in the floor in the dressing room at Dillard's and me promptly going across the street to our doctor's  office (not saying which) and basically losing it at the front desk.  They were sweet enough to pull the PA who took me to the back office and took all details and we set up her first of many long, painful appts.  The last I want to say about that is they helped her and we need to make sure they know that. 

I'll reveal more as I decide to  . . . or maybe not.

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